Modern businesses and organizations employ not just well-known logos, but also more obscure symbols. For instance, emblems that different structures or firms highlight their uniqueness. The following article you’ll discover the meaning of an emblem and how to design it with Turbologo’s logo maker.

Is there an emblem?


An emblem represents a sign that a specific characteristic concept, idea or value is represented. The emblem features the appearance of a relief, and is an element that is placed in the backdrop of the material. Although logos have an advertising purpose, emblems are just symbols that are designed to encourage sales. But, they can aid in distinguishing the brand from other brands and draw the attention of customers.


If you’re planning to create a logo for your business, think about where it should be placed. This is essential, as corporate logos should be efficient and appealing. It’s usually on:


* Clothes. With the advancement of printing technology the high-quality printing of images on clothing is feasible. For instance, the logo could be displayed on uniforms, overalls athletic uniforms and other promotional items (t-shirts caps) or even inventory items;

* Products. A lot of times, the logo is displayed on the packaging of different items. It is also possible to emboss. They are not just the purpose of advertising and display however, they also have a security function, since they protect the product from counterfeits;

* Outdoor advertising items. Corporate symbols are put on the facades of buildings, signs or billboards, and even on vehicles. This allows you to draw the interest of potential customers, identify the store or office of your company.

* In web and printing design. Emblems are printed on print materials (business cards and calendars, books etc. ) as well as employed as a component of design for websites.


Strategies to create emblems



There are many methods of creating these signs. They typically require graphic design expertise or financial expenses. They include:

* Purchase from a designer. You can receive top-quality work at a reasonable cost However, there is the chance of working with untrustworthy contractors;

* Order in a design studio. More guarantees of a good outcome are compensated for by a significant cost and lengthy terms of work.

A self-produced production. Reduce costs and make your desires become reality, but to do this, you’ll need capabilities with the graphic editor (Illustrator, Photoshop);

* Order at tender. You can also purchase an emblem on a tender by announcing a contest via one of specialist websites for fixed budgets and deciding on the most suitable / most effective options.

* Creation using an online service. Also, it is possible to design an online emblem by yourself, without knowledge, making use of one of the latest logo generators (for instance, Turbologo).


After having looked at the various methods of making emblems, let’s get to the most important rules that govern their design . You will discover more details about these in the following section.


How do you make a memorable logo?


Before you begin the process of creating of symbols, it’s worth considering the particulars of the appearance. Experts advise following certain guidelines for registration, which include:

An effective emblem should have an easy and simple layout, and the ability to read the message (if there is one). Keep in mind that this symbolism can be displayed on clothing banners, buildings facades, banners as well as in many other places It is important to scale it properly and not be overloaded with tiny elements, vibrant colors or complicated fonts.

* It is recommended for the design of the symbol using the form of vector images (vector) because it allows for a good degree of adaptability (when it is displayed on the site as well as on the billboard) and blends harmoniously the image and the text

* It is suggested to choose neutral, subtle colors (blue gray, white, black) to represent your message as they are easily perceived by viewers, and are not irritating or tire the eyes. It is advisable to limit your use to a couple of primary colors and at most 2 additional colors;

One of the most important aspects is the ability to read the font’s lettering – check beforehand what it looks like when compressed or expanded. It is best to choose straightforward straight fonts (preferably not more than two) with no serifs or monograms. Be aware of the way in which the font is used in conjunction with graphics. Their dimensions must be proportional to one another.


How do I create an online logo



The first step is to have to create a foundation for your logo. You can then turn it into a fully-fledged logo. It is easy to do this using this service: Turbologo service:

1.) Go to the website “Create a logo”, then type in the names of the business and its slogan (if there is one) and select the direction in which it will operate;

2.) The next page provides the dozens of logo possibilities You can also narrow your search by indicating additional keywords.

3.) After that, you’ll have the opportunity of altering the logo (color and font size, color and location of objects etc. );

4.) After that you can download the logo on your computer in a variety of formats such as JPEG, SVG, PDF, PNG.


After the logo is finished, you are able to apply an underlay to make your own logo online.


To do this, you’ll need:

1.) Choose a shape for your substrate in the form of a certain geometric shape that is ideally correspond to the particularization of your company. You can download it off the Internet or create it by yourself using Photoshop;

2.) After you have gotten the substrate, you will need to place your logo on the top by using the graphic editor Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop;

3.) Then, you must fill in the background area with your logo’s colors (preferably with a contrast color) so that they are solid.

That’s all! We hope that the information we provide will be helpful to you. Best of luck!


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