September 22, 2022

Truck accidents are incredibly traumatic. The victims suffer from catastrophic injuries and other devastating effects following the accident. While filing a truck accident lawsuit or insurance claim, the accident reconstructionists and a truck accident lawyer Los Angeles plays a huge role in preparing the case.


Accident Reconstruction-An Overview


The process of re-constructing an accident includes collecting essential data about an accident and performing a scientific analysis to determine the cause behind the crash. The reconstruction procedure helps in deriving information that facilitates an explanation of reasons that could have contributed to the collision, the events of the accident, and if it was possible to prevent it.


Personal injury lawyers greatly benefit from accident reconstruction as it helps determine the following information.


  • Speed and the position of vehicles involved in a crash.


  • The reason behind the collision.


  • Role of humans in causing the accident


  • Principal directions of force


  • The speed near the area of impact


  • The direction in which the vehicles were traveling


  • Acceleration and deceleration did by the motorists and their timing.


The Working Of Accident Reconstruction


Professionals who reconstruct accidents collect essential evidence related to the crash. Hiring a reconstructionist on time could collect detailed evidence from the accident scene, like pictures of skid marks, damage caused to the vehicles, etc.


However, if the accident reconstructionist is hired after a certain amount of time has passed since the accident, the expert can assess the photographs of the scene of the accident and damages caused to the vehicles as well as motorists. Then the gathered data is added to accident reconstruction software or simulation models for assessing the crash.


While analyzing the accident, the reconstructionists look at the following factors:


  • Weight of the vehicles involved in the accident


  • Dimension of the vehicles involved in the accident


  • Information regarding steering and brakes


  • The route surface


  • Conditions of the weather or roadway


  • Directions in which the motorist was traveling


Accident Reconstruction programs help in the production of time history regarding the events of the accident. The reconstructionists perform certain experiments till the simulations match the information gathered from the accident. They change speeds and angles to get the correct outcome.


The evidence provided to the accidental constructionist must have accuracy regarding the positions and speed of the vehicle so that the simulation created by them is in tune with the real vehicle speed and the motion resulting after the crash.


Proving negligence


By accident reconstruction, extra information regarding the crash can be gathered. This helps in proving the negligence and fault of another party. To seek compensation, it is crucial to prove negligence. That is why you should hire an accident Reconstructionist as soon as possible.


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