September 19, 2022
Twitter now lets you edit Tweets… 255812 1 - Twitter now lets you edit Tweets…

The world’s leading micro-blogging platform, Twitter recently announced that it would be allowing its users to edit their tweets. This feature has been coming for a long time following years of requests by users to be able to edit their tweets after they have posted them.


The only limitation is that users will only be able to avail this editing function five times, within 30 minutes of posting their tweet. Twitter is aware that this could lead to some type of abuse with users trying to sneak in unauthorized content after posting their tweet.


Twitter mentioned that it would continue to observe how this feature is being used and make changes if any, in the future. Those familiar with Twitter’s paid service Twitter Blue would be already able to delete or undo tweets. However this new offering from Twitter is provided free of charge to all applicable users. This latest offering is also aimed at stemming recent criticism received by Twitter on its security and safety practices.


Since its launch in 2006 Twitter has become a household name. The initial character limit was 180 characters, however this was increased to 280 in 2017. If you are an Android developer then this makes it easy for you to develop mobile apps that integrate Twitter and its functions.


Twitter users can register themselves on the platform and then begin to tweet. A tweet could be about anything. A thought, a concept, an idea or even a controversial topic.


Twitter aims to foster freedom of speech on its platform with certain restrictions of content that maybe racist, homophobic or illegal. Twitter is the platform of choice for many celebrities and professional sports personalities.


They appreciate the platform’s succinct manner of presenting content and then allows followers to interact with that content in a positive manner. Twitter is  also popular as a platform to advertise government job vacancies. This is due to the large user base of the platform.

Twitter Influencers

Twitter is accessible on smartphones, computer desktops and tablet devices as well. If you have a stable internet connection and a suitable device, then you can start using Twitter.


If you are thinking of developing a mobile app solution similar to Twitter, then Elegant Media, one of Australia’s leading mobile app developers can be of service with their 12 years of hands-on experience.


Twitter as a platform is all about expressing yourself and appealing to the content demands of followers. If you have a large Twitter following then it would be possible to become a Twitter influencer.


Twitter is great because it can be accessed from a range of smart devices. This means that Twitter is available in over 100 countries and across a wide range of languages.


This enables Twitter to provide a good cultural fit to the different markets it operates in. Twitter has also become a major driver in terms of world events and cultural trends.


Very often Twitter will be the first place where breaking news is announced alongside various videos and or live news items. Twitter is one of the most downloaded mobile applications in the world.


Call Break: Why You Should Play It

Call Break: Why You Should Play It
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