June 8, 2022

The term academic misconduct can be used to describe several things, including cheating or plagiarism. It can also refer to fabrication, falsification, and the misleading use of evidence. In a study done by professors at the University of Pennsylvania, it was found that 70% of students had committed some form of academic misconduct during their school career.

Academic misconduct can occur for many reasons, but some are more common than others. One major cause that has been researched is the issue of pressure put on students by teachers and parents alike. If accused, you might essentially need a strong defense for academic misconduct because it can result in denial of degrees, expulsion, and other serious consequences.

For now, we will see into some of the common factors that can contribute to academic misconduct.

  • Ineffective study habits

This is the most common reason for academic misconduct because it is a factor that all of us can relate to. There are a variety of reasons why students commit academic misconduct and they can all potentially be attributed to ineffective study habits. One of the most common reasons is that students do not spend enough time preparing for their tests and assignments.

  • Ineffective time management skills or overload

Many teachers place students in large amounts of classes that give them little time to study. This is why it is important for students to pay attention to what they are learning and understand the concepts being taught in their class. Ineffective time management skills can also contribute to academic misconduct because it is easy for students to let homework and assignments fall by the wayside.

  • Psychological factors

Students who are overwhelmed with stress and anxiety might be willing to engage in academic misconduct. Stress can often lead to academic misconduct as well because some students feel like they have no other choice but to do things they do not want to.

  • Not knowing the boundaries

Students who do not know the boundaries set by their professors might decide to break them in order to get ahead in their class. When teachers fail to let their students know that they are being dishonest, it is easy for students to get the idea that academic misconduct is okay.

  • Being too competitive

Students who are motivated to succeed can be tempted by the idea of competing with other students in their class, which can lead them to commit academic misconduct. Although this method of motivation might work for some people, it is ethically wrong and can result in serious consequences if discovered.


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