July 21, 2022

Cox Automotive, which has been around since 1966, is America’s leading provider of vehicle remarketing services. Cox Automotive is also a global provider of automotive finance and software solutions to dealers, lenders and manufacturers.

Cox Automotive is dedicated to providing the best technology for their customers to make life easier for them (and their employees). They even believe in a safe work environment, which is why they pay great attention to drug screening, background checks, and safety standards in the workplace.

The company has some stringent drug testing policies that it implements with employees who are not exempt from them. Generally Cox Automotive conducts a 5 panel urine drug test for their employees. Let’s look at their drug testing policy in more detail.

Table of Contents:

  • Cox Automotive’s Employee Drug Testing Policy
  • What Is Prohibited Under The Cox Drug Testing Policy?
  • Drug Testing At Cox Automotive
  • What Kind Of Drug Test Does Cox Automotive Use?

Cox Automotive’s Employee Drug Testing Policy

Cox Automotive’s employee drug testing policy serves two purposes: to ensure their employees’ safety and to protect them from discrimination lawsuits. To ensure that all its employees are safe, the company follows a drug-free workplace policy and applies them to all its employees.

There is no discrimination among workers; the company offers to test for illegal drugs and alcohol for all its employees. Besides, it also gives employees the benefits of confidential drug screening.

Also, the company offers drug-free assistance as well as offers rehabilitation services to those who are struggling with substance abuse. The company understands that an employee may have a drug problem and still be of great value to the company.

So, it offers support to employees who are in recovery through its resource network. Cox’s drug testing policy requires all employees to test negative for drugs. It stipulates that an employee who fails the drug test will be terminated.

The reason is that an employee’s job performance may sometimes be affected by drug usage, especially if they consume more drugs than the company’s policy allows. For unbiased testing, the drug tests are done by medical professionals without any involvement of the human resources department or training department.

Additionally, all drug screening must be carried out following SAMHSA guidelines. Cox Employee Drug Testing Policy applies to anyone who is one of the following:

  • A full-time, part-time or temporary Cox Automotive employee
  • Someone who works directly with Cox Automotive’s customers
  • An employee who works in a position that affects public health and welfare
  • An employee working in a safety-sensitive position
  • An employee who has access to restricted areas or products
  • An employee who handles or transports dangerous substances or substances that have caused severe injury or death

What Is Prohibited Under The Cox Drug Testing Policy?

Under the Cox drug testing policy, an employee is prohibited from:

  1. Consuming alcohol or illegal drugs during the preceding 90 days before being tested
  2. Using prescription drugs that are not permitted under the Cox Automotive drug testing policy
  3. Using any illicit drugs, including marijuana, cocaine, heroin, LSD etc., in any of its vehicles or at work
  4. Using an over-the-counter medication for purposes that the FDA disapproves
  5. Possessing, using and being under the influence of alcohol at any time while on the Cox Automotive premises or while performing Cox Automotive’s work
  6. Providing false information to Cox Automotive while testing positive for drugs.
  7. Attempting to buy/sell, own or try to get someone else to use an illegal drug while working at Cox Automotive

Drug Testing At Cox Automotive

Cox Automotive is strict with its drug testing policy. It has the right to test any employee the company believes is under the influence of drugs or alcohol on their way to work.

The company gives more importance to drug testing employees who have access to dangerous substances or products or handle public health and safety. Cox Automotive drug tests employees during the pre-employment phase, when they undergo the hiring process. These tests cover the following:

  1. An employee goes through the pre-employment drug test after the offer of employment. The company’s drug testing policy may vary depending on where the employee works. For example, some of the locations have a zero-tolerance approach to drugs.

Thus an employer in those areas is not required to give employees who fail the pre-employment drug test another chance. In other locations, failing an initial pre-employment drug test does not rule out further employment opportunities for someone who meets all other requirements for a position and has good references from previous employers.

  1. The pre-employment drug tests may also include screening for nonmedical drugs and alcohol that an employee might have used within several days.
  2. The drug test results may be an eligibility factor when making employment decisions.
  3. In case an employee uses or presents the appearance of being under the influence of drugs or alcohol, Cox Automotive may request that the employee take another drug test.
  4. Cox Automotive has the right to suspend an employee if an employee fails the drug test. It follows the company’s policy to prohibit the use of drugs and alcohol at work.
  5. Otherwise, employees who refuse to take a drug test must not be offered a job.
  6. A positive drug test of an employee might lead to the employee being black-listed for employment within the entire Cox Automotive business network.

What Kind Of Drug Test Does Cox Automotive Use?

To ensure unbiased results, the company uses SAMHSA-certified drug tests that cover all drugs and help cut the chance of a false positive. Urine Test is the most common type of Drug Testing at Cox Automotive.

It detects drug usage for several days up to 90 days. It is pretty accurate and easy to administer. The company may use a cup or a collection kit to collect the urine samples during the drug test. The test results are usually available in less than 24 hours.


Cox Automotive has an excellent drug testing policy that covers every employee in general, managers, and executives. All these employees undergo the same drug test during the pre-employment phase.

The company is also stringent regarding employees who use drugs or may cause harm to customers at work or on the road. The company mainly tests for alcohol and drug users in general.

Thus, the drug test helps the company reduce the number of accidents that might occur. Moreover, a failed drug test can lead to term and permanent employment termination, the most effective protection against drugs at work.

Cox Automotive drug testing policy is a mandatory one. Thus, all employees and those with access to dangerous substances or products are subject to this policy.


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