In the process of starting a company, business owners believe that their business needs an identity overhaul, even though they aren’t always sure the reason. For many, it’s to be a pretty image or a collection of symbols, but to certain, it’s a symbol of the business. Many people consider creating a logo an easy task and would prefer to design it themselves. Entrepreneurs who are new to the business often don’t need to seek out professionalsdue to the costs for their services are excessive. In this post, you’ll discover the reasons you require an identity and the methods to design an effective logo.

Why do you require an identity?

The word logo refers to a mark of quality of a brand. A logo isn’t just an attractive image or collection of symbols. It doesn’t need to be elaborate and expensive.

The principal functions of the logo that is well-designed:

  1. Makes your company make your company stand out from the crowd. Logos are the very first thing that customers see as they become acquainted with the company. It is a subconscious association with the products and services provided, making an informed decision based on their impression. So, it is essential to create positive feelings.
  2. Legal guarantees of ownership. The logo is also part of the business and any products it makes. According to this, it could be a way to safeguard your rights in the products. When the brand’s logo has been used by a different firm, you could take it to court.
  3. Enhancing the degree of confidence in customers. There are many companies that do not have logos However, if you’re determined to be a quality company and have the affection of your customers, then you must develop one. People are more confident buying products that have logos. It is not likely that you’d are a fan of buying items without these marks of identification.
  4. By using an emblem, you are able to make a unique image for your product, thereby giving it a distinct marks. For instance, the popular “apple”. Many people buy laptops made by this company, without paying any particular attention to the characteristics of their laptops.
  5. Logos can be a huge help in the promotion of an item or service because it appears on all marketing materials and on social media networks. It must be simple to remember , so that when discussing the brand, someone can quickly describe it.

Strategies to design a logo

There are three options to design an identity: talk to the designers or draw it yourself or make use of the online designer.

Logo of the designers.

You can reach out to an agency, designer studio or a expert. If you opt for the latter option, you’ll be able to see some of his works to look at. When you submit an application to an agency the option to review their work is not offered. You will have the opportunity to look over the activities that the agency team has done.

There are many ways to find an individual or a studio designer on specific platforms (for instance, Behance or Dribble) as well as the freelance exchange or the search engine.

If you’re using an online search engine, it’s recommended to read reviews and ratings for all organizations or professionals that appeal to you.

When selecting a contractor it’s worth speaking with several contractors simultaneously while comparing their portfolios and pricing. Be aware of the speed at which the responses are made. Some freelancers don’t get in touch for a few days, or they even vanish.

The benefit of working with experts is the possibility to create a logo with out any specialization or knowledge. The disadvantages are the financial cost.

We create a logo yourself

To draw your own logo it is necessary to have at a minimum basic art skills as well as the capability to use graphic software.

The first step is to must understand the purpose and decide on the direction. What is the message you wish to communicate to the customer? Once you have answered this question, you can proceed to selecting the appropriate tools.


The font is an essential element that makes up the logo. It influences the way people feel. Different fonts can have different effects and therefore you must pick the best one depending on the type of response you wish to achieve.

There’s a simple way to help you choose the best option for you:

  • Pick ten words that best describe your company’s operation and the advantages it provides;
  • Create them using various fonts, and examine them attentively.

So, you’ll know which is the best option.

Inspirational sources

It is possible to create an inspiration board that is the perfect source for innovative ideas. Put up a variety of images which are related to your work or organization.


The most experienced designers suggest drawing your logo with simple pencil on paper. Don’t limit your creativity and try out different ideas. Make at least 12 drafts.

In the beginning, you must create frames before filling with the rest of the area. Start again and experiment until you’re completely happy with the outcome.

Digitalizing an image

At this point you’ll need experience in using specific graphic software. You will need in order to capture the picture and transform this into an electronic representation of your logo.


After all the work involved in the creation of a logo has been completed and you are satisfied with the result, take a look at how it appears on the various components of the image of the business (business cards and documents, and so on). Present the logo to anyone whom you are familiar with (it’s beneficial if they possess some experience and knowledge in the area of design and marketing) and ask them their thoughts.

The benefits of this method include the absence of financial expenses and total control over the procedure. The disadvantages are that you must be proficient in drawing and using graphics software.

Online constructor


With the assistance by an online graphic designer you will be able to get some fantastic designs in a brief duration. Additionally these tools are offered at a very low cost. By using an intelligent logo generator based upon artificial intelligence, this software will choose for you what you prefer.

Making a logo with this online creator is easy:

  1. Enter the name of the company.
  2. Choose a logo icon.
  3. Choose a color palette.
  4. Outsource Logo Design Services.
  5. The file can be downloaded.

One of the benefits of this approach is its speed and accessibility. Additionally, you do not require any expertise in design. This approach has no major disadvantages, particularly if you make use of the service under the best possible conditions.


It is the image of the business. Whichever method you choose to develop it is important to pay close time to this project. We hope you have success!


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